Advertising Flags – What’s The Big Deal?

Flags, Flags, everywhere a flag!

Row of Advertising Flags in front of store.

For the last 7-8 years, you have probably noticed the growing popularity of advertising flags dotting the roadside. Long and Tall or fat and small, they call out for your attention. Whether they are touting the latest fast food invention or showing you where you can find a a deal. They have names like Swooper Flag, Flutter Flag, Teardrop Banner, and Feather Banners. Despite the variety of names, they all have a common purpose…get the attention of anyone passing by. One thing for sure advertising flags can be very effective when it comes to getting our attention.

The power of advertising flags and why they catch our eye.

Open Swooper Flag in front of shop.

There is a reason that these advertising flags catch our eye and at the very least summon a glance. It has to do with a human tendency called Passive Attention. This instinct is built into us and serves as a defense mechanism. This is triggered when something stands out in our environment. Our subconscious notices the movement, size and bright colors of the flags and directs attention to it. Flags can also stand out and give the impression of something festive or exciting at the location. This is especially true if the locations next to them have none.

A banner flag by any other name…

As mentioned in the opening, Advertising flags come in many shapes, sizes and go by many names. An advertising flag can be referred to as a banner flag, or have the word banner in their name. Below are the more common names for advertising flags and their unique characteristics that separate them from each other.

Swooper Flags –

Swooper Flag Flap

Also known as Swooper Banner, Flying Banner, Flutter Flag or Banner Flag. The most popular advertising flag, the Swooper flag is one of the first tall advertising flags. The Swooper is 11.5 ft tall and stands a towering 16 foot when mounted and displayed on its Aluminum pole. This flag is designed for movement, as the pole stops about 6-7 inches from the top corner leaving a “flap”. This flap gives the flag its Swooper motion. The Swooper flap means even with the smallest of breeze the Swooper Flag can create attention-grabbing movement. This flag works outdoors but is not well suited for indoor use where no wind is present.

You can either choose to have a Custom Swooper Flag made or choose from the hundreds of pre-printed flags available that cover a wide range of business categories representing Real Estate, Income Tax Service, Storage and Open Flags to name just a few. This Flag Banner offers more pre-printed flag options than any other advertising flag on the market.

Feather Flags –

Pole Pocket to edge

Also known as a Feather Banner, Blade Flag, Beach Flag, or Banner Flag. The Feather flag is a tall advertising flag that closely resembles the Swooper Flag. The biggest difference is the pole goes all the top corner of the flag and does not have the “flap”. The Feather Banner has a pole extending all the way to the outside corner which holds the flag out. The more stationary “Windless” nature of the Feather Flag allows text and makes them better for indoor use. Unlike the Swooper, the Feather Flag is available in a variety of sizes and has several hardware options. These options include the standard ground stake, or X-mount with an optional water bag to help stabilize the flag.

Double Sided Feather Flags features two Flag Banners sewn together with a blocker layer in the middle. Some people choose to put a different design on each side of the double-sided flag. The blocker layer allows for no light to show through the two sides which would interfere in displaying the design. As far as pre-printed Feather Flags, there is less variety and availability compared to the pre-printed Swooper Flags. The popularity of the Feather Flag has been growing and should become the most popular advertising flag.

Teardrop Flags –

Teardrop Banner Pole Detail

Also known as a Teardrop Banner, or Bow Flag. The Teardrop Flag does not fall into the category of the Tall Advertising Flag. Instead, it is shorter and much wider than either the Swooper or Feather Flag. This means the Teardrop Flag features a much larger proportional print area for logos and custom artwork. The Teardrop Banner Flag uses the same concept of “windless” display the Feather Banner uses. The fiberglass pole follows the pole pocket, and the flag is stretched tight by the spring tension of the pole.

The Teardrop Banner utilizes this tension to maintain a unique teardrop shape for continuous graphic exposure. Custom Teardrop Flags come in three sizes ranging from 7’ to over 13 foot tall when displayed. Teardrop Flags are very effective for indoor use at trade shows, conventions, expos and retail environments. A double sided Teardrop Banner, like a Double Sided Feather Flag consist of two banner flags with a blocker layer in between.

Common Characteristics Of Advertising Flags

So while the different Flag Banners may have different names and shapes, they share some common ground. The material and print process are pretty consistent.

  • While a percentage of Advertising flags are Screen Printed, most are printed using a process called sublimation printing. This process fuses the ink with the flag material using heat. This decreases fading and produces brilliant colors due to the bonding of the dye to the fibers of the material.
  • Banner Flags are most often Polyester, while some can be Nylon.

How long do Advertising Flags Last?

The short answer is six months to several years. The long answer to this question lies in the maintenance of the flag. Several factors come into play when talking about the longevity of an Advertising Flag. The factors include weather, sun/heat exposure, and pollution. Banner Flags stand up to moderate wind conditions, but exposure to heavy wind conditions will reduce the long term life. Rain combined with windy conditions also adversely affect the long term life of your flag. The flag is heavier when wet, and this will compound the wear on the flag.

The Dye Sublimation process stands up well against fading, but as with any material, sun/exposure will weaken and fade colors. So the amount of direct exposure to sun and heat will affect how long the flag will last. In urban areas where a high amount of traffic occurs, pollution can be a factor in the wear. Bringing your flag indoors during extreme weather conditions will help it last longer. Placement in direct sun and exposure to pollution may diminish the life of your flag as well. The primary goal is to draw attention to your business, so display the Banner Flag wherever it serves your business the most.

Cost Effective Advertising

Whether a custom or pre-printed business flag, Banner Flags effectively draw attention to your business, organization, or event. Advertising Flags provide a high Return on Investment working 24 / 7 advertising your business for about .60 cents a day.*

*based on the worst case scenario of the flag lasting 6 months.
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