Parade Banner Pole Options

Big Tex Banners offers a wide variety of parade banner poles for carrying parade banners and flags. From deluxe gold finish poles with gold acorn pole ends to economy wood poles for a low cost solution.

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Banner Pole Materials and Options

Big Tex Banners several options for carrying a custom parade banner.

Aluminum Parade Banner Poles

We offer quality aluminum parade banner poles with a gold or silver finish. Our aluminum parade poles will enhance the presentation of your parade banner while providing a light but durable way to carry your marching band banner.

  • Our Deluxe poles are 1-1/8″ in diameter and work nicely with our 3″ pole pockets
  • Choose capped ends or ornament adapters for our deluxe pole options
  • Choose 3″ gold or silver finish ball ornaments for our deluxe poles.
  • Our 1″ standard aluminum poles feature lower pricing and options for a banner width up to 10 ft.
  • Our Standard Aluminum Poles accept our slip on gold or sliver acorn ornaments instead of cheap white poly ball ends.

What Size Parade Banner Pole will I Need?

Our sales team has worked hard to make shopping for a parade banner pole quick and easy. Simply choose the pole type you want and use the drop down to pick a pole. For your convenience all drop down choices feature the banner size the pole fits. Just match the option to your banner width.

Custom Sizes

We can produce custom sized banner pole if needed. Please contact our sales team here if you have a need for custom sizes or a special request.

Two Section Poles

The aluminum poles we offer for our parade banners will come in one piece for poles 5 ft. and under. For poles over 5ft. we offer two section poles for shipping. Our two section poles also provide a easy storage solution. Our sectional poles feature two easily stored pieces that provide convenience when traveling or storing your pole.

Parade Banner Width

Deluxe Aluminum Poles - Gold or Silver Finish with Endcap or Ball Ornament

Standard Aluminum Poles with acorn slip on ornament

Budget Adjustable PVC/Wood Poles

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SMALL - Fits 4ft and 5ft Parade Banners








MEDIUM - Fits 6ft and 7ft Parade Banners








LARGE - Fits 6ft and 7ft Parade Banners









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1 1/8″ Deluxe Parade Banner Poles

  • Finish choices include silver mill, or shiny bright-dipped
  • gold anodized.
  • End choices include capped, or ornament
  • adapter (no ornaments).
  • Two piece poles are coupled together with a solid brass,
  • precision-machined screw joint.
  • Poles come complete with flag rings.
  • Pole length should be determined by leaving 6″ on either end for hand positions
choose gold or silver Deluxe Aluminum Parade Banner Pole with ornamments

1″ Standard Parade Banner Poles

  • Finish choices include silver mill, or shiny bright-dipped gold anodized.
  • Poles come with gold plated plastic acorn ornaments on each end instead of white poly ball ends.
  • 2 piece poles are coupled together with solid brass precision machined screw joint
  • Poles come complete with flag rings.
  • Pole length is determined by allowing 2″ on each side for the acorn ornaments and 6″ on each side for hand positions.
  • Acorn ornaments included, not white poly ball.
choose gold or silver Standard Aluminum Parade Banner Pole

Adjustable Parade Banner Pole

If presentation is a secondary concern, we offer a adjustable parade pole that focuses on practicality and value. Our adjustable pole features a PVC body with adjustable wood arms with rubber grips. The arms can be adjusted to comfortable widths for easier carrying of your parade banner.

  • Easy Storage
  • Easy Assembly
  • Rubber Hand Grips
  • Adjustable Length
Adjustable Parade Banner Pole- 3pc.

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