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Protective Plastic Face Shields offer another option for protection as we all do our part to get back to work and try to make our way through this pandemic.

Couple at Gym Wearing Protective Face Shields

Plastic Face Shield Benefits

Reusable Face Shields

Plastic Face Shields are Reusable. Easily disinfect and reuse over and over.

Can Reduce Contaminates on Face

Can shield your eyes and face from airborne droplets that can lead to infection.

Lightweight & Easy to Wear

Face Shields are lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time.

Are Face Shields Effective?

man sneezing spreading droplets

Inhaled Virus Reduced By 92%

A 2014 simulation study* of influenza virus found face shields reduced viral exposure by 96% when worn within 18 inches of a cough when they tested the recommended 72″ or 6ft; the inhaled virus was still reduced by an impressive 92%!

*Source – MedPage Today May 1, 2020

Face Shilled blocking viral droplets

Additional Benefits of Wearing a Protective Face Shield

Aside from blocking droplets and contaminants, there are additional benefits provided by protective face shields that are not as obvious, but just as important.

Face Shields can Reduce Face Touching

Protective Face Shields protect the portals of viral entry and reduce the potential for auto-inoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face.

touching front of face mask

Easier & Safer Communication

We’ve seen or even caught ourselves pulling a face mask down because communicating in a mask is difficult. Plastic Face Shields offer the advantage of being able to communicate clearly.

pulling face mask down to talk

Cooler & Easier to Breath in

Some people find it hard to breathe in a face mask; this leads to touching their mask frequently or not wearing protection at all. Face shields can be a good option if this is your situation.

face mask can be hot and be hard to breath in.

All of the above behaviors create additional risks of infection.

Can You Substitute a Face Shield for Wearing a Face Mask?

risky face mask behaviuor

CDC Guidelines in regards to Face Shield Use

While the CDC does not recommend using a Face Shield in place of a Face Mask, The CDC and WHO agree that certain behaviors can negate the effectiveness of using a face mask. As mentioned, touching the front of your face mask is a big no-no. If you have been around the Covid-19 virus, more than likely, the front of your mask will be contaminated; touching your mask can contaminate your hands, increasing the chance of infecting yourself or others.

Some Experts Believe in Widespread use of Face Shields.

In an opinion piece published in the Journal of the American Medical Association published on April 29, Iowa City doctors and public health experts suggested that the face shield was a better option than the face mask for various reasons. It is easy to see that Face Shields may be an option if the public can not adapt to and properly use face masks.

Bottom Line: Face Mask & Face Shields

As indicated by experts, a face mask’s primary purpose is to protect others. If the wearer is Covid-19 positive, the face mask can help reduce transmission from the wearer. When it comes to face shields, the primary purpose is to protect the user from airborne droplets. In the end, a face mask is the most effective form of protection. Still, if the wearer is always exhibiting behavior that negates the protection offered by face masks, or is unable to wear a face mask, a face shield could provide a better option.

Professions that can Benefit from Using Protective Face Shields

face shields for employees

Face shields can offer additional protection for any of the following groups:

business woman wearing face shield
  • Teachers
  • Workers on public transport
  • Food Service Workers
  • People who work in retail.
  • Hairstylist and Barbers
  • Nail Techs
  • Delivery Personnel

Most individuals who are exposed to a large volume of people on a daily basis could benefit from using a Face Shield.

Using face shields at work

Additional protection for Those that are at Higher Risk.

Elderly and high risk wearing face shields.

We know that certain age groups and individuals with certain medical conditions are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Going in public can be a very stressful and risky activity for these individuals. The combination of a face shield and face mask could provide extra protection for those who need it. 

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Body mass index [BMI] of 30 or higher.
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

These are just a few of the conditions that can increase the risk of severe illness. Consult your physician to confirm your risk.

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eyeglass type frame that fits over eye gl;asses

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Face Shields are anti fog

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