Good Business – Responsible Use Of Advertising Flags

How Do You Define “Good Citizenship”?

community cooperation

You will hear many different opinions when it comes to good citizenship. But most would agree that showing respect for our fellow citizens would qualify. So most of us try to be the best citizen we can and be aware of our impact on our community. But there are those that operate without any regard for people around them. This article will look at the responsibility local business has with the community. Particularly when it comes to the use of Advertising Flags.

Conflict Of Interest

Local business and the community in which they operate share a very special relationship. It is easy to see both benefit from each other as the success of one helps the other in most cases. So it is an understatement to say a certain harmony should exist between the two. But sometimes a situation arises that disrupts this balance, and pits the interest of the community against that of local business. One recent conflict involves the use of Advertising Flags. Flag banners like the Swooper and Feather Flag can be an effective way for a business to stand out. But sometimes the attention they draw is not always good.

The Great Recession Sparks Wide Spread Use of Advertising Flags

The Great Recession that started in 2007 prompted a lot of communities in the U.S. to allow more flexibility in temporary signage regulations for struggling businesses. Relaxed enforcement coupled with the introduction of the tall banner flags as an effective, low-cost advertising alternative, saw the use of advertising spread like wildfire. The tall brightly colored banner flags with names like Swooper Flag, Feather Flag, and Teardrop Banner Flag were popping up everywhere, and being used by both small and large businesses.

Too Much of A Good Thing?

pictures of excessive feathr flag and sign use

Unfortunately as with anything, over indulgence and neglect by some shed a bad light on the use of Advertising Flags as a whole. Despite their inexpensive replacement cost some business owners will leave their Banner Flags out way past their prime until they are just shreds of faded material waving in the wind. Others ignore local regulations and fail to file for the necessary permits, leave them out past the time allowed by local regulation, or install them in a manner that obstructs the view of traffic signs and lights. Of course the local and county governments started to enact tougher regulations and in some cases outright ban of Advertising Flag Banners.

Responsible Use of Advertising Flags

In a lot of incorporated communities, Advertising Flags such as the Swooper Flag, Feather Flag or Teardrop Flag fall under the temporary signage category. The amount of time you can display Banner Flags might be regulated. For example, in Bonita Springs, Florida an ordinance was enacted that requires a business to apply for a permit to display banner flags. So you should always be aware of the regulations in your area because it not only has to potential to cost you in the form of fines but can cost your community as well. One city estimates they spent roughly $12,000 in taxpayer funds enforcing temporary signage regulations involving Banner Flags.

No Regulations, No Problem?

Even if you the community or area you operate your business in has no regulations involving Banner Flags, you should still try to use them responsibly.

  • If your Advertising Flags become faded, worn or tattered replace them to keep them from creating a visual nuisance.
  • Be sure to install the flags where they do not block street signs or traffic lights.
  • Be sure to install the flags far enough back from the street, so people leaving your drive or your neighbor’s drive have a good view of oncoming traffic.
  • Install your Flags far enough back from sidewalks so as not to be a nuisance to pedestrians.
  • Bring your Advertising Flags inside when windy condition are present, not only will this prolong the life of your Banner Flag it can prevent them from blowing away into traffic and potentially causing an accident.

There is no doubt Advertising Banner Flags are an extremely cost effective way for businesses to advertise, and using them in a responsible manner is good for both the businesses that rely on them and the community that has to live with them on a daily basis. If you have information about regulations in your particular area, please post them below as it may be helpful to other business owners that operate in your area.

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